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Fashion Re:interpretation-

Fashion photography is of high quality, and the development of technology and the Internet has expanded the reproduction of copies of these images with an exponential growth online and offline.

Ongoing Project

Photos by Nuuco

If you think about it, this is very in tune with one of the features of our society: the accumulation of objects, in this case, computer files. Meanwhile, fashion photography is very popular and has a major influence when it comes to standardising tastes and concepts of beauty worldwide, typical of globalisation”. With his art intervention, I take away these values (accumulation and globalisation) from the piece and turns photography into a one-off work or art, which can no longer be copied or reproduced. In my intervention, I uses various materials that he comes across (sand, plastic and objects) or uses a variety of techniques (spray paint, markers, oil, etc.), in line with the new meanings he intends to give to the piece.

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