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A map of Africa and Europe, the Mediterranean in the center. A needle and a thick red thread. Stitches fixed slowly on a sheet. Lines that trace a journey. Or rather, the journey, made by the migrant who traces, by

Settimana delle culture

Chiesa del Cassaro, Palermo (IT)

May, 2019

Photos by Nuuco

embroidering the stages. All this on a cloth that belongs to him and that he needs to live in his point of arrival. The observer is witness to this process. In this way Nuuco shows what we do not want to see and fixes it indelibly. An ancient gesture, that of embroidery, is converted into an act of self-reflection for those who perform it, but at the same time participation for those who observe it. The crypta of San Matteo, a place permeated with symbols that refer to life and death, is the setting for this action, of which the artist appropriates adding other symbols - sand, water and dust - with the aim to contextualise the performative act.

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