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Nuuco photographs his fragility in a society that cancels you. It is his imprint that saves his social being, giving meaning to his presence in this world. Loneliness and anguish, tried within a society that usually tends to eliminate the individual, are masked by the colors of the

Studio Scarioni  Angelucci

Fate bene fratelli, Milano (IT)

December, 2017

Photos by Nuuco

imprints overlapping on the faces, colors that are not primary , as if to find an origin, a new root from which to start again in search of one's self: 'the imprint is the only instrument of power I have to conquer a space, my space. Nuuco seeks and thus finds a language of his own, recognizable, which does not signify with its name but with the imprint of his hand, a gesture that is inspired by the culture of the tribes and the customs of primitive men. A reference to the origins of life, in which the decoration of the body was a "rite", a modus vivendi. Nuuco finds in a felle older art form that man gave rise to around 18 thousand years ago with the appearance of engraving and painting on cave walls, the most appropriate way to express himself and his being artist in the world. The handprints, in prehistoric wall painting, made by resting the hand on the rock wall and spraying the color around with a straw obtained from a hollow bone, were evidence of a ritual still today a mystery, the archaeologist Dean Snow, a professor at the Pennsylvania Sate University, to the question of why men realized these signs, he replied: "I have no idea, but it is likely that those who did them, thought:" Here, this is mine, I did it ": a thought" not very different from what Nuuco tries to do today. The "artists of the Lescaux caves" did not paint their hands, but left an imprint, produced a sign through the pressure of a body on a surface. That forest of hands of various colors that were placed side by side and, at times, overlapped, were the first masterpiece of the artistic expression of humanity, they are in effect our "origin". Those primitives survived thanks to the imprints of their hands. And this is already art. The atavistic need to assert its presence in the world is the original force that probably pushed artists, especially in modern times, to use the artistic medium as an instrument of this affirmation.

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